Instant phone top ups and bill payments

Send phone top ups to any BTL or SMART phone number.
Pay bills for BTL, BWS, BEL and many other companies.
With just your phone and an internet access... from anywhere in the world!

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eCredit Belize is a mobile app that can be used to send phone top ups to any BTL or SMART phone number. It can also be used to perform bill payments for a number of companies including BTL, BWS, and BEL.

Top ups can be paid via your PayPal account or via an online banking transfer to any Bank in Belize. Bill payments can be paid via your PayPal account.

Avoid the hassle of coming out of your house or standing in lines to perform these small tasks. Download the app today and perform your next top up or bill payment in less than a minute.

It's fasy, easy, convenient, and secure!


When paying via Online Banking Transfer

When paying via PayPal


Security of your data is always our most important priority. This applies to all data you enter into our app especially your PayPal user name and password.

That is why we have used PayPal’s own payment processing tools when integrating with PayPal to process your payment. Using these tools eCredit Belize integrates with PayPal in such a way that we hand over execution of our app to PayPal from the time you are required to enter your user name and password to the time when the transaction is approved.

This means eCredit Belize at no point sees or has access to the user name and password used to pay for the transaction much less any information in your PayPal account. This is controlled entirely by PayPal using their world-class security standards.

More information regarding how we protect your data can be found in our privacy policy section

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Keeping our users happy and satisfied is always our number one priority

Kib Stutznegger

Great! So easy and convenient to use

Joni Roux

Works well


Download the eCredit Belize app from the Google Play or Apple iTunes store today!